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Helping You Save ÂŁÂŁÂŁ´s On Your Boiler Bills

We understand the importance of having an efficient Central Heating System. Below are some handy tips to save you money on your bills.

Did you know that Boiler account for over 50% of what we spend on our bills each year. That is why it’s so important to upgrade your old boiler to a new high efficiency condensing boiler. By doing this you can save around £340 pay you on your gas bills.

Installing a new boiler is not the only way you can make your home more efficient. Installing heating controls like a new programmer or new thermostatic radiator valves will also help in reducing your gas bills.

If you find your radiators are giving off less heat than what they used to then we can perform a power flush to your system using either a powerflushing machine or a chemical cleanse. (Pic of flush machine)

The smell method can be applied to boilers if they begin to make banging noises or start to kettle. We now have a new advanced way of cleaning boiler plate heat exchangers if you are experiencing poor water pressure or your boiler turns off after running for a few seconds. This new method is called sonic cleaning. This involves us removing your original plate heat exchanger and cleaning it by using ultrasonic waves combined with system sludge remover.

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It’s best for add as many controls as possible to your central heating system, installing thermostatic radiator valves along with a new room thermostat can save you between £20-£50 per year!

Free Online Boiler Advice To Help You Save

Further energy bills savings and reduced CO2 emissions can be made by having a magnetic system filter fitted. These devices also prolong the life expectancy of your boiler and reduce the risk of boiler parts failing in the future due to system sludge/contamination. (Pic of filter)

It’s also important to make sure your programmer is setup correctly, it's recommended you set your heating to come on 15 to 30 minutes before you need it and after 30 minutes before you go to bed. (As the heat is retained in the radiators).

If you’re going away in the winter most of our new programmers now have an option of setting it so that if the temperature drops below 5 degrees it will automatically turn on, this will prevent your pipes from freezing and possibly causing £100/£1000´s of pounds worth of damage.

Another thing to consider is having your boiler serviced including a gas safety check. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your boiler is running efficiently (and not producing carbon monoxide) but also allows us to catch any early symptoms of any parts failure saving you money on your bills and repair costs. Book your service now. Call 0151 924 9141

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