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Know When to Replace Your Old Boiler and Get Free Boiler Quotes.

When your home´s old boiler reaches the peak of its functional life, it´s time to consider looking for a new replacement boiler and the right boilers servicing company to do the replacement and installation for you. But before you go out visiting a dozen boiler service providers and asking for free boiler quotes, you should first check if your boiler is really in need of replacement or maybe just some repair and tune up to prolong its life for another year or so.

To Help You Determine Whether You Should Replace Your Old Boiler

  • Your boiler´s heating time takes longer than before – The primary sign of boiler malfunction is heating delays. When your boiler doesn´t heat up as quickly as it should, it means that it´s already wearing out mechanically. If you find yourself waiting longer than expected for the water in your water tank or the air in your house to get warm, it´s time to have your boiler checked as soon as possible to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced with a newer model. The sooner it is repaired or replaced, the better.

  • Your home doesn´t get properly warmed like it used to – If the rooms in your house remains feeling cold even if the boiler heating is running, then there must be a problem with either the boiler or the pipes. To confirm the cause, you should have a gas safe registered engineer or plumber check your boiler and your heating pipes to rule out any problem. If it´s confirmed that the boiler is no longer heating up properly, then it must be time to replace it with a newer model.

  • Your heating boiler´s need for repairs is becoming more frequent recently – When a boiler is always breaking every few months or weeks, it´s no longer fit to provide proper and reliable heating. You can have it repaired as much as you want, but the problem will just persist, and will only get worse in time. When the repair costs already seem too much for you, it´s best to have it replaced with any of the newer, energy efficient boilers available.

  • Your home boiler´s maintenance costs are becoming more expensive – As boilers age, maintenance costs also tend to become more costly. This is because the parts for older models become harder to find and obtain as they become “obsolete” or outdated as the years pass. Also, older boilers are harder to patch up because the constructive materials deteriorate over time and become too fragile for repairs and add-ons.

  • Your system boiler is 10 to 15 years old – Boilers are expected to last up to 15 years with regular maintenance. However, depending on environmental conditions and degree of extended usage, your heating boiler can start to weaken, deteriorate or malfunction after 12 years even with regular maintenance. Also, older models tend to be harder to repair and upgrade because they would lack the features to support newer parts for new technology upgrades.

  • Your Gas boiler is emitting increased levels of carbon monoxide – Another good indicator that your boiler needs replacement as soon as possible is the elevated emission of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is poisonous to humans. Its presence is almost impossible to detect by sight and smell, but the possibility of its presence can be detected by observing the color of the flames produced by the boiler. The flames from your boiler should be blue in color, but when mixed with carbon monoxide, it becomes yellow. If you ever observe that the flames are yellow instead of blue, call a gas safe registered engineer immediately to have your boiler and your house checked for the presence and spread of carbon monoxide. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning at low levels include flu-like symptoms and at high levels, it can cause breathing difficulties leading to respiratory arrest.

  • Your Central Heating boiler produces unusual noises or smell – When you hear strange clunking and/or whirring noises while the boiler is heating, it´s an indication of deterioration. Some of the old parts start to loosen and fall off so they make noises when they hit parts of the pump or fan. Faint odors from the boiler may also be an indication of carbon monoxide emission. Although carbon monoxide is odorless, the chemical reaction that produces the gas emits a faint odor. This is a significant sign that you need to have your boiler checked by a gas safe registered engineer immediately.

  • Your fuel or energy bills are becoming more expensive – Another indication that you might be paying more for wasted heat energy due to a malfunctioning boiler is the increased amount of energy bills. If your bills are higher than usual, it could only be caused by two things—either your energy supplier is increasing bill charges or your boiler is consuming more energy to keep up with producing sufficient heating for your home. To make sure that it´s not the boiler that is causing the bill hikes, you should have a boiler engineer check your boiler´s net efficiency rate. If your boiler´s net efficiency is less than 75 percent, then it would be the right time to replace it with energy efficient boilers to produce more affordable warmth in your home

When it´s Clear To You That Your Boiler Can No Longer Be Repaired or Upgraded

When it´s clear to you that your boiler can no longer be repaired or upgraded and needs to be replaced, you should contact on 0151 9249141 or complete the free boiler form above to inquire about boiler price and boiler installation costs. Obtaining a boiler quote is free of charge & takes only a matter of minutes.

Whether you decide to replace your boiler with a sophisticated central heating system or a space efficient combi boiler like Worcester Bosch, Whichever is the most cost-efficient package, All our boiler services, Installations and repairs are carried out by gas safe registered engineers to guarantee that your home´s heating system will be installed by licensed professionals.