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Helping Customers with Boiler Cover for over 45 years - Did you know the cost of an average repair to a boiler in the UK is around £250.00 Get your boiler covered for as little as £155 per year! This cover includes all parts and labour and a service, it also includes NO callout/excess fees so no nasty hidden surprises.

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Boilers on Finance

We have access to a range of competitive finance options from 0% APR to 9.9% APR to suit every budget. Whether you have a deposit or not, you could spread the cost of your boiler over 1, 2, 3, 5 or 12 years, so your payments are manageable and suit your lifestyle.


Worcester Bosch Replacement

Use our free quote system to find out what Worcester boilers can best replace your current one, for additional information it is recommended you speak to one of our accredited installers. We know that when carrying out a boiler replacement, getting the part you need quickly is really important.


New Boiler Install Cost

Wondering how much a new boiler will cost you? We reveal what you will need to pay for a new boiler, what to look out for from a heating engineer's installation quote and provide insider tips for getting a good installation.


New Worcester Boiler Pay Monthly

Taking on a New Boiler Pay Monthly plan you can expect a low monthly repayment – £21.98 per month with no deposit or even as little as £10.99 per month with 50% deposit. This is often offset by the monthly savings on your energy bills, a direct result of an energy efficient boiler.


Full Central Heating + Boiler

Full Central Heating Install - Central heating installation without the hassle. So, what sort of central heating installation system are you looking for? Our new combi-boilers provide constant heat and hot water on demand.


Plumbing Installation & Repairs

Plumbing Installation & Repairs. Whether you need an installation, repair or replacement, or general heating maintenance, your expectations will be exceeded. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.


Liverpool Trusted Trader

Warmer Homes With Central Heating Insurance

Boiler Maintenance Priority - Guaranteed same day/next day call out and priority call out to all of our maintenance customers by one of our friendly Merseyside based engineers.

Dedicated 24/7 Emergency Call Out Number - Dedicated emergency number available 24/7 and 365 days a year. All our boiler cover options include a free boiler service/annual gas safety check.

  • - Landlord Maintenance Package FULL Cover inc CP12 £240 inc VAT
  • - Boiler Maintenance only FROM £155 inc Vat
  • - Boiler only cover FROM £155 inc Vat
  • - System only cover FROM £155 inc Vat
  • - Boiler and system cover FROM £210 inc Vat
  • - Boiler Service If 2nd Appliance is Serviced on same day, an additional charge of £53.99 inc VAT
  • - Landlord Boiler Cover - Call for Quote

Okay - let’s start with some honesty shall we? We’re a worldly bunch here at Merseyside Central Heating, so we know that nobody factors Boiler Cover into their Life Mission or puts it onto their Bucket List up there with viewing the Grand Canyon or swimming with dolphins. We could even pop a cheeky pun in here too and say we also know that having the best boiler cover is hardly going to set your world alight...

When we think about the word ‘home’ it conjures up images of a lovely warm and safe place where you can just relax and escape from the outside world. Our own haven. And in the same way that any well produced show has an army of people behind the scenes running around ensuring all of the details are tended to, so that the part you see runs seamlessly, our homes are the same. We’ve all been there, and just one or two details being neglected can be the difference between everything being memorable for all the right or the wrong reasons.

Just like that perfect show, it’s actually the boring bits that make it all so enjoyable. Does anyone actually want to be thinking about Central Heating Service Contracts or Annual Boiler Services in the middle of a fun filled Summer?? But seamless performances required some thinking ahead to bring it all together and so does your lovely warm home in the winter.

Don’t worry though - luckily for you it’s an easy process and just needs a little of your time to work out what works best for your needs, which you can do from the comfort of that sunny beer garden or picnic without interrupting your Summer Fun! This is also a slightly tongue in cheek bit of advice too, because we know from experience that the incidence of boiler breakdowns increases in the Winter. Across the whole industry there is usually a ‘no claims’ period at the start of the policy to protect the insurers against people setting up new policies the day of a breakdown and claiming. Here at Merseyside central heating we do not have this policy so you are covered 100% from day one!

Types of Cover

If you require any information about our Terms and Conditions, please email us at or speak with us on 0151 924 9141.

Registered in England & Wales | Company No. 08602820 | VAT No. 188107392 MCH Limited are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN number 710298.

This contract represents a maintenance agreement between MCH and you, the customer. Our Plans are not categorised as insurance products, so insurance regulation does not apply.

Where protection or insurance is concerned, the first thing most people think about is price but it’s rarely as simple as that. We offer policies that can cover your entire system including radiators, programmers, cylinders and pipe work or central heating boiler only cover. This can be paid in one lump sum for the year or paid by direct debit.

Our Boiler Cover is based on years of seeing what people need most and trying to provide this in the most cost effective way. We know that you can’t fix a problem without a callout so unlimited callouts are included in the cover. We also know that it sometimes isn’t a one visit problem so you have peace of mind knowing you’re not going to get charged for any repeat callouts. Just this one aspect of a bespoke gas boiler cover, boiler insurance or boiler cover policy which could more than pay for itself versus you having to pay callout fees plus any parts required.

Does it all feel like wasted money? We understand that not everyone has a ‘saving for a rainy day’ mentality but when you think that your boiler is likely to be one of the most expensive items in your home it makes sense to forward plan a little. With average claims for repairing a broken down boiler being upwards of £250, replacing a pump is often almost £200, replacement gas valves around £350 and replacing a faulty fan being nearer £300 those are not small amounts of money so keeping your fingers crossed possibly isn’t your best move here when we can cover your boiler from as little as £155.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Knowing that you can call a gas safe registered engineer at any time of the day to diagnose any problems properly, without worrying about callout charges is well worth the small premium.

Having an older boiler covered with our boiler cover could definitely be a wise move. Check the age of the boiler is permitted first as there are sometimes age restrictions on how old a boiler can be for us to cover it. But being able to claim where you can, makes a difference when you look at the cost of parts like we mentioned before and that’s not even mentioning the disruption to you of no heating or hot water when your boiler breaks down. Our boiler cover policies do not have a restriction on how many claims can be made so you receive total piece of mind.

We offer a great quality service provided that we’re immensely proud of. We hope this has given you some pointers on how to approach looking for the best boiler cover for you. If you do have any questions at all or need any advice simply get in touch and we will happily help you. As a family run business with over 45 years experience, we’ve seen any and every boiler issue you can think of so can share our knowledge to help you make the best boiler cover choice for you.





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Liverpool Central Heating Repair Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a fixed one off yearly fee of £70.00 plus Vat
Complete our contact form or give us a call (01519249141) to arrange at a convenient time.
This is normally caused by a faulty diverted valve located inside the combi boiler, this requires an engineer visit, we can call out to fix this at a labour cost of £65 plus Vat plus the cost of a new diverter valve.
Many boiler manufacturers will insist this is done to keep the warranty in tact, it is also a legal requirement for landlords to have a landlord gas safety check completed.
Most people have their boiler serviced in the winter, we believe it's best to have it completed in the summer as if there Is an issue in the winter and the boiler requires a part which is not available until the next day then it runs the risk of you being without heat or hot water in the winter.
Boiler will need to be filled up with water via the filling loop until the pressure reaches 1-1.5 bar. Most recent combi's boilers will self-reset when the pressure is back to normal. If not then press and hold reset for 3-4 seconds.
Check that the room thermostat is turned up and the programmer is calling for heat. If so then normally one of the two is broken, If you have a wireless version then replace the two AA batteries.
This is normally caused by a faulty diverted valve located inside the combi boiler, this requires an engineer visit, we can call out to fix this at a labour cost of £65 plus Vat plus the cost of a new diverter valve.
The most common reason for this is a faulty expansion vessel, normally when the heating is turned on the pressure will shoot up to 3 bar on the pressure gauge and the system water will expel through the small 15mm copper pipe outside, if this is the case then we can which re-charge your expansion vessel within a 1 hour call out. Other reasons for pressure loss are there is a leak somewhere on your system.
Could be one of many parts on the boiler and will require an engineer visit, most common leaks are due to faulty automatic air vents. Fill in attached form for a quotation.

Conventional System Faults Frequently Asked Questions

Will most probably be a faulty 2 port/3 port valve or a pump (if system works on gravity hot water) fill in attached form for a quotation.
Check that the room thermostat is turned up and the programmer is calling for heat. If so then normally one of the two is broken, If you have a wireless version then replace the two AA batteries.
Same again a 2 port or 3 port valve depending on what set up you have.
This is normally an issue with a broken boiler thermostat or more likely a blocked heat exchanger, this can rectified by power flushing the system or chemically cleansing/flushing the system, contact us for price and advice.
This will be either a new Thermocouple or a gas valve, this needs an engineer visit, Click here to request a free quote.
If your boiler is a condensing model then most likely the condensate pipe is frozen, if the pipe is accessible then try boiling a kettle and pouring it over the plastic pipe to try and thaw it out.
Normally means your 2 port or 3 port valve is passing, could rarely be faulty programmer.